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"UkrTransNafta meeting fails to attract quorum after court ruling"
Added: 13/06/2008
Editor: Katerina Igolnikova
Source: ukrainianjournal.com

Ukraine’s state controlled oil shipper, UkrTransNafta, on Monday failed to hold a shareholder meeting following a court ruling that had banned the meeting, a source at the government said.

At the meeting, Naftogaz Ukrayiny, which controls a 100% stake in UkrTransNafta, planned to reshuffle the oil shipper’s top management and to decide on the payment of dividends in 2007, the source said refusing to disclose other details.

"S&P cuts Ukraine rating on rising inflation"
Added: 13/06/2008
Editor: Katerina Igolnikova
Source: Reuters

Rating agency Standard & Poor's cut Ukraine's sovereign ratings on Thursday, saying the country had failed to tackle rising inflation and was spending too much.
It lowered its long-term foreign currency sovereign credit rating on Ukraine to "B+" from "BB-" and long-term local currency rating to "BB-" from "BB", saying the country had failed to counter rising inflation.
"The downgrade reflects the failure of authorities to put into place adequate policy measures to counter rising inflation in Ukraine's overheating economy," said Frank Gill, Standard & Poor's credit analyst in a statement.
The agency said the country's outlook remain stable but fiscal policy remained highly pro-cyclical with nominal expenditure growth expected to exceed 40 percent during 2008.
"Alongside monetary stimulus, expansive spending has contributed to the rapid rise in inflation, which is undermining real income growth and could increase volatility of output," the agency said. (Reporting by Bate Felix, editing by Peter Apps/David Stamp)

"Cabinet Raises Inflation Forecast For 2008 From 9.6% To 15.3%"
Added: 13/06/2008
Editor: Katerina Igolnikova
Source: www.ukranews.com

The Cabinet of Ministers has reviewed the preliminary macroeconomic indicators for 2008, raising the inflation forecast for 2008 from 9.6% to 15.3%.

First Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchynov announced this to journalists.

He expressed the hope that the final version of this forecast would be approved.

Turchynov did not disclose the other revised macroeconomic indicators.

At a press conference after a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko also refused to disclose the other revised macroeconomic indicators.

"Considering the fact that the document was adopted as the basis for the final version and the fact that it needs to be agreed with the President, the relevant parliamentary committee, and the National Bank of Ukraine, I do not have the power to disclose these indicators. I think that Tuesday (July 17) is the earliest day that we will be able to do it," Tymoshenko said.

A representative of the Cabinet of Ministers secretariat told Ukrainian News that a meeting that would be attended by President Viktor Yuschenko was planned for June 12 to discuss the review of the macroeconomic indicators for 2008.

The Cabinet of Ministers is expected to adopt a final resolution on review of the macroeconomic indicators for 2008 after that meeting.

According to unofficial information, the Ministry of Economy submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals on reviewing the macroeconomic indicators as follows: the nominal GDP from UAH 921.2 billion to UAH 956.8 billion, the inflation rate from 9.6% to 15.3%, companies' profits from UAH 153.6 billion to UAH 170.6 billion, the nominal average monthly wage from UAH 1,822 to UAH 1,845, and the trade deficit balance from USD 9.17 billion to USD 13.7 billion.

As Ukrainian News reported, the Cabinet of Ministers preliminarily reviewed the macroeconomic indicators for 2008 at a meeting on June 11.

According to data from the State Statistics Committee, the inflation rates in Ukraine were 1.3% in May 2008, 14.6% in the January-May period of 2008, 16.6% in 2007, and 11.6% in 2006.

"S & P Downgrades Ukraine's Rating To B+ From BB"
Added: 13/06/2008
Editor: Katerina Igolnikova
Source: www.ukranews.com

International rating agency Standard & Poor's has downgraded Ukraine's long-term foreign currency rating to B+ from BB-. S & P made this statement.

The agency also lowered Ukraine's long-term local currency rating to BB- from BB.

The ratings' outlook is Stable.

At the same time S & P affirmed Ukraine's short-term foreign currency and local currency ratings at B, and also the country's uaAA national-scale rating.

The so-called external debt coverage also remains the same at 4.

S & P names low efficiency of the government authorities' attempts to curb inflation among the reasons for downgrading Ukraine's ratings.

As Ukrainian News reported, in August 2006, Standard & Poor's affirmed Ukraine's BB- long-term foreign-currency, BB long-term local-currency, and B short-term sovereign credit ratings.

"US Commerce Sec. Warns Ukraine Amid Growing Dispute Over US Company's Oil Contract"
Added: 11/06/2008
Editor: Katerina Igolnikova
Source: International Herald Tribune

KIEV, Ukraine -- U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez suggested Thursday that a growing dispute over the cancellation of a U.S. company's oil exploration contracts could damage Ukraine's reputation with foreign investors.

Gutierrez spoke to business leaders in Kiev a day after President Viktor Yushchenko ordered his top security advisory council to sort out the dispute involving the Texas-based Vanco Energy Co.

He said the Vanco dispute could frighten away investors and that Ukraine needed a clear set of rules for investment.

"Every time there is a contract, that is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that contracts are respected," he said.

"Not all businesspeople may like the rules," Gutierrez said, "but they should know what the rules are and that the rules are predictable."

The government of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko last month said it had canceled a contract with a Vanco subsidiary to explore for oil and gas on a deep-water shelf off the Black Sea Crimean peninsula.

The government said the 2006 production-sharing agreement amounted to "plundering Ukraine's mineral reserves."

Tymoshenko also accused Yushchenko of lobbying for the U.S. firm, whose contract was estimated to be worth some US $13 million (€8.25 million).

Yushchenko met with Gutierrez on Wednesday. His press office later issued a statement saying that Yushchenko had ordered the head of his National Security and Defense Council, Raisa Bogatyryova, to work toward restoring the contract to Vanco in the next few weeks.

According to the company, the offshore shelf region known as Prykerchenska covers around 5,000 square miles (12,900 square kilometers), southeast of the Crimea peninsula.

Development of the entire Prykerchenska project would require more than US $20 billion (€12.7 billion) in investments, the company says.

Yushchenko and Tymoshenko were allies during the 2004 Orange Revolution against voter fraud, but they have repeatedly clashed over various policy matters, mainly concerning oil and gas.

Tymoshenko used to head one of Ukraine's main energy companies.

"Simplify Tax Administration's And Customs' Access To Bank Secrecy"
Added: 11/06/2008
Editor: Katerina Igolnikova
Source: www.ukranews.com

The Cabinet of Ministers is suggesting that the Verkhovna Rada simplify the State Tax Administration's and the State Customs Service's access to bank secrecy.

This follows from draft law No. 2616, registered by the parliament on June 5.

The bill supposes simplified access (without written requirement) to banking information on residents exceeding the time limit for settling accounts when performing external economic operations.

The explanatory note to the bill states, the breakers of the external economic legislation must be fought with by introducing the mechanism of control as over entities of external economic operations, so as over flow of commodities according to external economic contracts.

Adoption of the bell would improve the system of exchanging information between central bodies of executive power that control over external economic activities, which in its turn would enable state organs to appropriately perform their functions of currency control, oppose violators of laws, prevent inefficient drain of capital abroad.

It is proposed to amend the Law On Banks And Banking Activity, and to the Law On State Tax Service Of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News reported before, the Association of Ukrainian Banks is against placing divisions of supervision and auditing service among organs that have out-of-court access to information containing bank secrecy.

"10 Taxes to be Canceled in Ukraine"
Added: 11/06/2008
Editor: Katerina Igolnikova
Source: mignews.com.ua

The Finance Ministry initiates cancellation of 10 taxes and reduction of allocations to the wage fund. The Finance Ministry reported it. 

“The Finance Ministry prepared a bill on cancellation of 10 taxes”, is reported.

The Finance Ministry does not specify the taxes. However, officials note this bill envisages also reduction of duties to the Pension Fund with sale of cashless currency from 0,5 percents to 0,2 percents and transfer of some part of allocations to the Pension Fund from artificial persons to natural persons with a compulsory increase of wages. Allocations are presupposed to reduce by 3,5 percents to the labor compensation fund.

According to Finance Ministry, enactment of the bill will reduce tax pressure on economics, will abolish superfluous reports on enterprises, will reduce amount of works done by tax authorities directed at taxes management.

Earlier the head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) council Petr Poroshenko supported a complete cancellation of taxes to the Pension Fund from sale of foreign currency. By Ukrayinski novyny

Kievers to Get Rules of Silence
Added: 25/09/2006
Editor: Dmitri Rodenko
Source: mignews.com.ua

Despite the Kyiv council approved regulations of silence compliance four years ago, many Kievers ignore it in Kyiv. Deputy chairman Kyiv city state administration Denis Bass expressed this opinion.

According to his words, probably, it occurs because of Kievers do not know these rules. Kyiv council session had defined earlier all the shops, including super- and mini-markets, and also restourants, bars, cafes, entertainment and gambling establishments located in the apartment houses, should see their sound does not exceed 30 decibels nearby.

Besides, "one should not sign loudly, clamour, set in receivers, TV sets, other loud-speakers high-powered, to use noise instruments and plants in the Kyiv streets, in the yards, houses, dormitories and recreation zones, to blow up explosive materials and condensed explosive means from 22.00 till 8.00", the Kyiv city state administration deputy chairman emphasized, LIGA reports.

"By the way, the Kyiv council approved provisions, which defined the order and rules of fireworks three years ago. For example, street fireworks are banned in our city from 22.00 till 8.00 (excluding celebration of the New Year)", he added.

The beer fancy from all over the world arrived in Kyiv
Added: 25/09/2006
Editor: Dmitri Rodenko
Source: Forum

150 hunters of beer attributes from all over the world arrived in Kyiv to enlarge their collections of labels, bottles, lids and props, exchanging and buying the displays on the auction. Collectors “congress” also conduct tasting. Every participant stands beer of his or her country.

As Oleksandr Shpagin, organizer of the meeting, declared, that “the only country, which never had beer, is Afghanistan; there was never a brewery.”

Explaining rarity of some displays, Shpagin said that “Arab countries and island states, for example, had produced a small lot of beer and then closed.”  “There is limited number of labels and other attributes – a hundred or even less. The less their number is, the higher the price will be,” he underlined.

Russia interested in Ukrainian metallurgical and high-technology industries
Added: 25/09/2006
Editor: Dmitri Rodenko
Source: for-ua.com

Russia is seeking to increase its presence in the Ukrainian metallurgical, high-technology, and processing industries, Russia's Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov said during a joint press conference with Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych after a meeting in Moscow on Friday, Cabinet's press office reported.

"We would like to be more actively presented in metallurgy, the sphere of high technologies, the processing industry," Fradkov said.

He expressed confidence that Ukrainian companies would also confirm their desire for a more active presence in Russia.

Fradkov called for deeper integration in the cooperation between Ukraine and Russia. "I would like integration to be deeper and on a broader spectrum of issues," Fradkov said.

According to him, participation in the creation of a Common Economic Area on the territories of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan will be discussed at the meeting of the Ukrainian-Russian intergovernmental economic cooperation committee that is planned for October, together with the issue of lifting restrictions on bilateral trade.

At the same time, he said that deeper integration of Ukraine into the European Union would create better conditions for working and for businesses.

Yanukovych and Fradkov have agreed to convene the first meeting of the Yushchenko-Putin intergovernmental commission's intergovernmental economic cooperation committee in Kyiv between October 20 and 29.

77% from the volumes of wheat entered the elevators falls to the share of milling one
Added: 25/09/2006
Editor: Dmitri Rodenko
Source: APK-Inform Information Agency

According to the operative data as of September, 22, 8.95 mln tonnes of grains entered Ukrainian granaries, including 4.51 mln tonnes of wheat. As reported Ministry of Agrarian Policy to APK-Inform, 3.48 mln tonnes (or 77%) from this volume falls to the share of milling wheat. The average protein content is 11.4% that refers to four-grade wheat.

In 2005 the volumes of grain entered granaries totaled 9.29 mln tonnes, including 5.32 mln tonnes.

Court of appeal rejects ruling on parity of votes in Kyivstar
Added: 25/09/2006
Editor: Dmitri Rodenko
Source: expert.com.ua

The court made its ruling on Tuesday after hearing an appeal by Norway's Telenor, the owner of a 56.51% stake in Kyivstar, Telenor has told Interfax-Ukraine.
Storm Company, which owns a 43.49% stake in Kyivstar, is trying to gain parity of votes in the company's board of directors irrespective of the size of stakes.

As reported, Kharkiv Regional Court of Appeal on August 8 heard Telenor's application on the resumption of the terms for submitting the appeals. The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, August 22.

The press service said that on November 3, 2005, according to the appeal by Storm's representative Pavlo Kulikov, Moscow Region Court in Kharkiv ruled clauses in Kyivstar's regulations illegal and ruled for the parity of votes on the council of the Ukrainian mobile operator.

Kyivstar GSM is a large mobile operator in Ukraine. As of September 1, Kyivstar claimed to service over 17.216 million subscribers, informed Interfax-Ukraine.

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